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"With all the great reviews we decided to select California Rodent Solutions. Alan came out on a rainy day did the inspection and flagged us a lot of information of rats and there behaviors and likes and dislikes. He noticed several opening on the exterior of the house. We agreed on the work and estimate. They came and sealed up Entry points and set up traps in the crawl space above. They will be out in 2 weeks to check the traps. Thank you!"

Vanessa B.

San Jose, CA

"Alan does know what he is dealing with. I really satisfied with his service. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has rodents problems at home."

TaeHoon K.

Fremont, CA

"I highly recommend Alan to help you handle your rodent problem. He's responsive and professional and knows more about rats than you can imagine. Alan helped me see the full picture of our outdoor rat problem and THOROUGHLY explained our options for abatement. Plus, he's a joy to talk with. Call California Rodent Solutions if you have questions about that rustle in the ivy."

Heather O.

Los Gatos, CA

"Wow! Alan and Walter are true experts when it comes to keeping your home safe and secure from rodents, for good. I was so incredibly impressed by how quickly they were to respond, how thorough they were to identify and fix the problem, and how patient and knowledgeable they were when I had asked questions! Keep up the great work, thank you so much!"

Christophe W.

San Jose, CA

"I had a skunk problem. They were living in my wall and making my life miserable. Calling on California Rodent was the best thing I did. He was professional and knew what he was doing. He educates you about rodents along the way."

Silvana N.

San Jose, CA

"I was very impressed by Alan's expertise in this area. He took a quick look around my house and pinpointed the routes those little creatures taking to get around my place. He is also very attentive. I emailed him about the mouse/squirrel noises I noticed a day after the job, he replied right back and scheduled a follow-up visit. I am very happy that I have decided to go with CA Rodent Solutions among the other pest control services."


Santa Clara, CA

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